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What we do

By 2016, all new homes in the UK must be sustainable. This means they have to provide zero-carbon energy, use less water, and utilise a superfast broadband network.

Metropolitan provides utility and energy infrastructure for new developments, offering an innovative and competitive alternative to the traditional utility companies. By 2016, all new homes in the UK must be sustainable. This means homes need zero-carbon energy, reduced use of water and be connected to a superfast broadband network.

What we do

Meeting some of the most stringent emission targets in the world is the greatest challenge facing the construction industry today - both technically and financially. We work with developers and house builders all over the country to help meet this challenge.

At Metropolitan, we deliver an integrated energy and utility strategy. We invest in infrastructure to reduce the capital cost to developers, a financial model which enables cost-effective provision within your budget. Because we have all networks covered, we can offer the optimum combination of infrastructure, with fully integrated energy, electricity,

What we do

water and fibre design.

Metropolitan provides sustainable utility and energy infrastructure networks on new developments across the UK.

These networks include;

  • Gas transportation networks with an Ofgem regulated licence
  • Electricity distribution networks with an Ofgem regulated license

  • Water & waste water networks with an Ofwat regulated license
  • Fibre-to-the-home networks with a regulated license
  • District heating networks with self regulation
Read on to find out how we could help you deliver sustainable developments with our complete project solution.

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